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Freshly roasted coffee and loose leaf tea.

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In 2016, Redbud Coffee Co. moved from being a dream of ours to a reality. We wanted to create a way for people to get freshly-roasted coffee delivered right to their doorsteps without waiting several days. Based out of our hometown of Auburn, IL, we have committed ourselves to local, next-day delivery for any order placed before cutoff time. Single origin, ethically sourced, craft-roasted coffee brought to you within 24 hours. That’s who we are.

If you live outside the local area, we can ship you a bag too. We believe everyone deserves coffee whether near, far, connoisseur, or casual enthusiast.




Coffee just keeps showing up. It's magical.

You decide what beans you want, how often you need a fresh supply, and we'll deliver it on repeat for as long as your heart desires.


Our Partnership


Every purchase of Redbud Coffee is a decision to combat human trafficking.

We proudly support Aruna Project and their mission to free, empower, and employ those currently enslaved in the sex trade. We donate $1 for every bag sold. Learn more about the cause at