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We refer to all of our coffee as "ethically sourced." Fair Trade is a typically great thing, and a lot of our coffee is certified as such. But there are some drawbacks to the 'fair trade' label. It doesn't always guarantee that the farmers will be paid more. It doesn't necessarily promise that the working environments are better. Although these were the original intentions of the fair trade movement, the system is... not without its imperfections. It's too easy to market coffee this way without any genuine concern as to how it was produced or who was affected. We strive to ensure that any coffee we roast is sourced from regions and farms where the farmers are taken care of.  The bottom line: People are more important than coffee.

We are also proud members of the Specialty Coffee Association, Coffee Roasters Guild, and Barista Guild.



The name "Redbud Coffee Co" works on a couple levels. For one thing, coffee actually grows in a cherry and turns red as it becomes ready for picking. However, our name is foremost and affectionately borrowed from our beloved hometown of Auburn, IL. Jenn and I grew up in "The Redbud City" and attended the annual "Redbud Festival." We dearly love our community, and we couldn't think of anywhere else we'd want to be. Go Trojans!


Every purchase of Redbud Coffee is a decision to combat human trafficking.  We proudly support Aruna Project and their mission to free, empower, and employ those currently enslaved in the sex trade. We donate $1 for every bag sold. Learn more about the cause at


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