What do you mean by “next Day delivery”?

Your coffee will be at your door by 8 PM tomorrow.

What if I didn’t order by 7 PM? When will my coffee arrive?

Any order placed after 7 PM is considered part of the next calendar day. For example, if you order at 8:30 on Monday night, you’ll receive your coffee on Wednesday morning.

So you don’t deliver on Sunday?

That’s right. We deliver every morning Monday - Saturday. However, any order placed Friday after cutoff (7PM) or anytime Saturday will be delivered the following Monday.

Is your coffee Fair Trade?

We consider all of our coffee "ethically sourced." Fair Trade is a typically great thing, and a lot of our coffee is certified as such. But there are some drawbacks to the 'fair trade' label. It doesn't always guarantee that the farmers will be paid more. It doesn't necessarily promise that the working environments are better. Although these were the original intentions of the fair trade movement, the system is... flawed. It's too easy to market coffee this way without any genuine concern as to how it was produced or who was effected. We strive to ensure that any coffee we roast is sourced from regions and farms where the farmers are taken care of.  The bottom line: People are more important than coffee.

How much coffee is in each bag?

As is the standard across the coffee industry, we roast 16oz of coffee to net 12oz. This is due to the loss of some moisture during roast. So each bag contains 12oz.

What if I don't live in auburn, springfield, or chatham, il? can I still buy your coffee?

Absolutely! We will gladly send your order anywhere in the continental U.S. for a small shipping fee (about $4.29 per bag). Please note: these orders are not eligible for next day delivery.

Does Redbud store my credit card info?

Nope! Even for subscribers, your card info is not saved anywhere that we have access to.